Winegrowing has a long tradition in Feričanci. It was mostly influenced by Cistercians and monks from Našice. After the exile of Turks, the settlers accepted the culture of winegrowing and wine production so a cellar, currently known as Old cellar of 1000 hl capacity was built in 1850.
Area of Feričanci municipality is located in western part of Osijek- Baranja county in a geotraffic location characterized by important road direction. Economic structure of a village depended on geographic location. Agriculture has always been an important part of the economy. Development of the agricultural economy has been marked by vinegrowing. Trend of winegrowing is important in Feričanci even today. Vinegrowing dates back to the 13th century. Relation to viticulture, vine growing, grape processing and winemaking is at a professional level today.

Osilovac d.o.o. Feravino winery has implemented the IFS norm. International Food Standard, which is based on requests of store chains to deliver products safe for health in compliance with valid legal regulation, produced in controlled conditions from controlled raw material with risk of deviation from set product parameters which are
minimized. Norm requests are based on norm requests ISO 9001-2000, HACCP requests, DDD and other details.

The company has implemented the food management system in order to act preventively and provide our consumers with safe products throughout all processes: production, preparation, transport and warehousing. Once a year the system is checked and its efficiency is assessed.


Company Osilovac d.o.o., vinery Feravino currently owns around 160 ha of vine plants. They are located on three locations: Feričanci (3 km away from the cellar-processing location), in Zoljan (12 km away from the cellar-processing location) and Ceremošnjak (24 km away from the cellar –processing plant). All locations are located on slopes of Krndija and divided in small microlocations separated by woods or some other natural barrier.

Feravino is keeping up with time and renewing its plants, last plants were planted in 2016 (6,5 ha). They were planted according to valid standards and are adjusted to current machines. That means: planting in rows, planting distance 0,8 x 2,5 -2,8 m (5000 vine-trees per ha) and double Guyot growing model.

I. Location: FERIČANCI
103,92 ha
Biggest and closest to the winery (3 km)
Made up of 5 microlocations

II. Location: ZOLJAN
9,31 ha
Small location
12 km away from the cellar

43,71 ha
24 km away from the winery
Made up of 2 micro locations


Today Feravino winery takes pride in a cellar for controlled production of white wines, cellar for production of red wines, bottling plant, old cellar for aging of red wines in barrique barrels with tasting area.

Leading sorts of Feravino are Graševina and Frankovka along with Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot and Zweigelt.

Feravino’s annual production is around 900 thousand liters.

Its goal is to become a leading continental winery for red wine production and producer of top quality white wines whose quality is confirmed by numerous domestic and international awards.

Most renowned wine of Feravino is Frankovka, but we have now expanded our range to other top quality wines which stole the show at many wine events and assessments.

Young Frankovka and young Graševina from 2015 are indicators of the new direction of Feravino. Young wines have emphasized fruity tastes and sparkle in clearness of wine technology. They are a true reflection of harvest 2015 which is one the best in the last 20 years. Richness of both wines represents reflection of the viticultural year while freshness and captivation are the result of good decisions of enologists.


Cellar is located in Feričanci, a Slavonian village in Osijek-Baranja county. There is a long tradition of vine growing in this area and therefore the need for building the wine cellar.

Old cellar dates back to 1804. In 1996 the winery was given a new name Feravino Feričanci. From that year till today a lot has been invested in cellar refurbishment, expansion of vineyard and cellar capacity, technology modernization and remodeling of old buildings intended for touristic offer of Feravino.

Today Feravino vinery boasts technological cellars for controlled fermentation of red and white wines, modern wine bottling plant, old historical cellar for aging of red wines in barrique barrels. Old cellar includes premises for tasting, presentations, wine schools and team building. In vicinity of Old cellar on slopes of Krndija hills there is a vine-
dresser’s house located on prestigious ‘Goveđa glava’ area. Mystic building, romantic location, numerous unwritten traces of workers and people that have walked through this house are only part of untold story that Feravino is yet to tell.

Prizes and awards