MIRAZ Graševina


MIRAZ Graševina is combination of sensibility, knowledge and skills. This top quality wine deserves special care and selection of consumers who recognize top quality product. This Graševina was cultivated in special way. Special works and interventions were done on clusters and in vineyard. Wine fermentation was supervised and temperature carefully controlled.

Poured in a glass this wine conquers with crystal clearness and gentle green yellow color. This graševina is special as it has developed opened aroma of a sort, distinctive scent components and emphasized fruitness and creamy taste. This wine is pouring down the throat and is easy to drink. Its bitterness is gentle and pleasant what is typical for  Graševina sort.

Miraz Graševina is wine of rich body and fullness of taste. In the mouth the richness of smell is replaced by richness of taste. Ending is warm and creamy. Miraz Graševina is rounded enological product ready to age in the bottle.

It is served at temperature of 10°C. It goes well with poultry and white meat and various dips and pasta. It is a good choice with sea fish and seafruit specialties.


  • Gast Split 2015, international wine assessment of Dionizijan as part of fair –bronze medal
  • Beo wine fair 2011, internationl wine and tourism fair (24 to 27 February 2011) – big gold medal
  • Gast Split 2011, 16th international wine assessment of Dionizijan as part of fair (3 to 6 March 2011)-gold diploma (85,50)

Product information:

  • Top quality dry white wine
  • Controlled origin
  • Feričanci wine-growing area
  • Produced in Croatia