MIRAZ Chardonnay


Miraz Chardonnay is one of most prestigious continental white wines. It is elegant, full, rounded and very fresh. It has hay yellow color with intensive gleam, it is clear and thick. It has complex and rich scent (musk melon, apricot) and gentle herbal notes with emphasized camilla. It has strong and intensive taste, emphasized durability, fine rounded and gentle tannic and harmonious body.


It is served at 8-10 °C. Such full and harmonious bodied Chardonnay can be recommended with strong spiced  meals (black olives and fennel) and meals prepared by high thermic treatment.  It goes well with meals based on mushrooms, truffles and sea shells. It goes well with strong meat (beef carpaccio, steak tartare, veal under lid) and rich dips and sauces.

Glass: for full rounded and mature white wines, shape of tulip


  • Gast Split 2014 Dionizijana-gold medal
  • Days of wine and tourism of Osijek-Baranja County 2014- gold medal
  • 27th Bonavita 2014 Đakovo-gold medal
  • Slavin 19th international wine and brandy fair 2014 Orahovica-gold medal

Product information:

  • Top quality dry white wine
  • Controlled origin
  • Feričanci wine-growing area
  • Produced in Croatia