MIRAZ Cabernet sauvignon


Strong wine of emphasized  sort scent.

It is called the King of red wines what is certainly confirmed by its distinctiveness. Highly appreciated wine by wine experts. It is a sort of grape that is resistant to illnesses and gives good yield with high sugar content. It has very intensive and dark ruby red color and full and rounded taste, it is very harmonious. Aroma is dominated by dry plums, blackcurrent and spices. This supreme enological product is marked by emphasized freshness and ripe taninns. Grapes were handpicked, natural selection and first yield- top quality!


It is served at 16-18 °C. As full bodied wine it is served with red meat, Slavonian spicy dried meat, beefsteaks, specialties from small and big venison, meat lasagna, canelloni and mushrooms—it tastes the best when enjoyed in company of friends! Blending is rcommended!


For full and mature red wies, shape of truncated bowl


  • Gast Split 2015 20th Dionizijana international wine and alcoholic beverages assessment –gold medal
  • Days of wine and tourism of Osijek-Baranja county 2015, Beli Manastir-gold medal
  • 17th international wine exhibition 2015 Vinodar, jelovar-gold medal
  • 27th Bonavita 2015 Đakovo-gold medal

Product information:

  • Top quality dry red wine
  • Controlled origin
  • Feričanci wine-growing area
  • Produced in Croatia