DIKA Graševina


Graševina – cheerful, smiling, light, floral and scented.

Well structured, with harmonious body, white grape sort, mostly spread in continental part of Croatia that is Slavonia. In hot plain this sort picks up rich aromas and beautiful developed scents even without wooden barrels and in its very youth forms pleasant light shades of mild yellowish color which gradually gets darker with age and takes on honey shade. Balanced taste after locust-tree, pleasant acidity and well rounded. Dika Graševina is wine with luxurious aroma of ripe grapes what makes the wine drops harmonious.

Wine is served at 8 to 12 °C with specialties of white meat to freshwater fish. It is almost irreplacable wine in every festive occasion.

Packing: 0,75 l

Product information:

  • Quality dry white wine
  • Controlled origin
  • Feričanci wine-growing area
  • Produced in Croatia
  • Harvest 2014
  • Alcohol: 12.5% vol
  • Packing: 0,75 l
  • Cultivated and bottled by: Osilovac d.o.o., Feričeva 16, 31512 Feričanci