DIKA White Pinot


White Pinot- top quality wine, interesting and unique in taste and structure, well balanced acids, harmonious with quite a lot of alcohol.

Rich natural extracts provide fullness of taste, yellowish green color, fine clearness, typical for continental wines of top quality. With its mild bitterish taste and vanilla aroma it became inevitable wine with cold hors-d’oeuvre, all kinds of soups, white meat and fish.

Wine is served at 10 to 12 °C.

Packing: 0,75 l


  • Beo Wine Fair 2011, international wine and tourism fair (24-27 February 2011)-gold medal
  • Gast Split 2011, 16th international wine assessment Dionizijana as part of the fair (3-6 March 2011)-gold diploma (85,75)

Product information:

  • Quality dry white wine
  • Controlled origin
  • Feričanci wine-growing hills
  • Produced in Croatia