Company Osilovac d.o.o., vinery Feravino currently owns around 160 ha of vine plants. They are located on three locations: Feričanci (3 km away from the cellar-processing location), in Zoljan (12 km away from the cellar-processing location) and Ceremošnjak (24 km away from the cellar –processing plant). All locations are located on slopes of Krndija and divided in small microlocations separated by woods or some other natural barrier.



I. Location: FERIČANCI

  • 103,92 ha
  • Biggest and closest to the winery (3 km)
  • Made up of 5 microlocations

II. Location: ZOLJAN

  • 9,31 ha
  • Small location
  • 12 km away from the cellar


  • 43,71 ha
  • 24 km away from the winery
  • Made up of 2 microlocations

Feravino is keeping up with time and renewing its plants, last plants were planted in 2016 (6,5 ha). They were planted according to valid standards and are adjusted to current machines. That  means: planting in rows, planting distance 0,8 x 2,5 -2,8 m (5000 vine-trees per ha) and double Guyot growing model.

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