13174099_10154909989989741_3400279914369655778_nWine tasting and wine knowledge is becoming  important part of lifestyle in Croatia. Thus in the last ten years wine tourism has become more popular form of tourism of special interest. Many wine regions and winemakers are promoting their wines to guests visiting their wineries and so does Feravino in Feričanci.

Wine tourism is activity that combines production and sale of wine with tourism. Wine, wine regions and wine producers are key elements of wine tourism and successful experience that this kind of tourism offers depends equally on the view of winemakers about touristic visits as much as about wine quality and regional attractions.

Feravino winery also offers possibility to taste wines in Old cellar and wine boutique and offers other catering services such as winery tour accompanied by enologist or professional, wine tasting in Old cellar, preparation and serving of food an d beverages, wine school, wine road or vineyard tour, sale of wine…

Offer by Osilovac d.o.o. Feravino winery



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