Bez-naslova-300x251Throughout centuries in Slavonia there are valuable things collected for a young girl which she will take to her new home after getting married. The same was with this supreme drink which waited the festivity when it can show all its luxury and richness of taste.

We in Feravino poured our value and hard work into elegant bottle, dressed it in new clothes, inwoven by Slavonian gold embroidery, smell of old chests, clanking of ducat on chest of maids, squeak of Slavonian wedding and cheerful ‘bećarac’.

We proudly present for tasting new line of top quality wines with graševina as leader. Miraz Graševina is produced from top quality sort grown and carefully cultivated at location Goveđa glava.

Miraz Graševina is imaginative wine creation, proof of winemaker that wine is more than just a drink. Our proud, elegant and enologically unique Graševina is joined by four red wines: Miraz Frankovka, Miraz Cabernet Sauvignon, Miraz Pinot Noir and for the first time in this area: Miraz Syrah. In the end it will all be spiced by full and rounded Miraz Chardonnay.

Download Miraz catalogue:

Exclusive line of Miraz wines are good choice for any festive occasion, whether as a gift or if you open them for special guests, because by opening Feravino wine you discover the finest treasure of Slavonia.

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