Stari-podrum-1Cellar is located in Feričanci, a Slavonian village in Osijek-Baranja county. There is a long tradition of vine growing in this area and therefore the need for building the wine cellar.

Old cellar dates back to 1804. In 1996 the winery was given a new name Feravino Feričanci. From that year till today a lot has been invested in cellar refurbishment, expansion of vineyard and cellar capacity, technology modernization and remodelling of old buildings intended for touristic offer of Feravino.



Today Feravino vinery boasts technological cellars for controlled fermentation of red and white wines, modern wine bottling plant, old historical cellar for ageing of red wines in barrique barrels. Old cellar includes  premises for tasting, presentations, wine schools and team building. In vicinity of Old cellar on slopes of Krndija hills there is a vine-dresser’s house located on prestigeous ‘Goveđa glava’ area. Mystic building, romantic location, numerous unwritten traces of workers and people that have walked through this house are only part of untold story that Feravino is yet to tell.


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